2023 Embedded GUI Contest

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3 min readJun 30, 2023

In May, RT-Thread joined forces with Renesas and LVGL to introduce an exciting new development mode called the HMI Board. This revolutionary approach replaces the traditional HMI + main control board hardware with a single integrated solution. By leveraging the power of the HMI Board, engineers can now achieve the full capabilities of HMI, IoT, and control functionalities seamlessly.

The HMI Board incorporates Renesas’ high-performance RA6M3 chip and benefits from RT-Thread and LVGL's robust software ecosystem. This combination not only provides exceptional hardware performance but also offers a wide range of software resources. With this powerful combination, developers can effortlessly create cutting-edge GUI smart hardware products.

But that’s not all. The HMI-Board comes equipped with a 2M Flash large-capacity main control chip RA6M3, featuring built-in modules like 2D acceleration, JPEG encoder/decoder, and LCD controller to help with graphic application development. Plus, with an onboard TFT display and audio interface, developers can flex their skills in the HMI field. And let’s not forget about IoT connectivity: the HMI-Board has an onboard Ethernet interface and high-speed WIFI module, keeping the development board connected to the cloud 24/7. The HMI-Board also supports various control methods, including the CAN interface, Arduino interface, and two PMOD interfaces. This allows developers to easily expand various peripherals and achieve more flexible control methods. With the HMI-Board development board, creating GUI smart hardware products has never been easier.

And now, we are thrilled to announce the Embedded GUI Contest, organized by RT-Thread, Renesas, and LVGL! We cordially invite engineers from around the world to participate and demonstrate their talent in developing innovative and intuitive Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for embedded systems.

Apply Now: https://forms.gle/WCGdtMU5yv5YcuTM8

Contest Details:
Contest Hardware Platform: HMI Board
Contest Software Platforms: Open Source RT-Thread RTOS & LVGL

Contest Timeline:
Application Period: June 29— July 15
Contest Period: July 20 — September 15
Judging Period: September 16- September 26
Winners Announcement: September 26

How to Participate:
- Fill out the Application Form with your personal details and project proposal.
- Submit your application before the deadline of July 15.

Contest Benefits:
* Free Hardware: We are providing 80 pieces of the HMI Board as free hardware to selected attendees.
* Collaboration Opportunities: Engage with fellow engineers, RT-Thread experts, and industry professionals throughout the contest period.
* Showcasing Your Skills: Demonstrate your proficiency in developing exceptional GUIs for embedded systems.
* Recognition and Prizes: The top contestants will receive recognition for their outstanding work, along with exciting prizes.

Contest Guidelines:
- Participants must use the provided HMI Board as the hardware platform for their projects.
- The project must be based on RT-Thread RTOS and the GUI development must be based on LVGL.
- Submissions should be original and developed specifically for this contest, and make it open source.
- Projects will be evaluated based on innovation, functionality, usability, and aesthetics.

First Prize: Cash Prize 5000 CNY *1
Second Prize: Cash Prize 2000 CNY *2
Third Prize: Cash Prize 500 CNY *5

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Join us in this exciting contest and let your creativity shine! This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your GUI development skills, gain recognition, and win amazing prizes. Get ready to revolutionize the world of embedded systems!



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