RT-Thread Studio IDE v2.1.0 is releasing! let’s head to see what’s NEW in its v2.1.0.

Make Your Own Board Supported Packages!

RT-Thread Studio V2.1.0 offers a tool associated with tutorials, which helps developers create the BSP visually. Developers can now easily make a board support package (BSP) and upload it online via SDK Manager. The BSP tool supports configuring graphically the information of dev boards, documentation, and projects. The prompt of every configuration item is shown in front of the interface to help you understand. Also, this time, the Studio team gives a sweet thought. They make the configuration information is available for preview!

RT-Thread Brings the Mascot RAY to the Community!

Heyyy Community Developers. We made a Community Mascot RAY, hope Ray can bring Happiness and Joy into your embedded development life.

Sometimes, a GIF is worth a thousand words!
So save it and make a post to share your favorites one.

RT-Thread has a Standard version and a Nano version, the standard version consisting of kernel layer, components and service layer, and IoT framework layer. The Nano version with a very small size and refined hard real-time kernel, which is very suited for the resource-constrained microcontroller unit (MCU) system.

RT-Thread Nano is a refined hard real-time kernel, written in C programming language and it applies object-oriented paradigm. RT-Thread Nano is a preemptive real-time multitasking RTOS, easy to tailor. Although Nano uses a small memory footprint, it still has a wealth of operating system features, such as multiple tasks scheduling, software timer…

The first-ever RT-Thread IoT OS Global Tech Conference will be holding online from September 16–17,2021 features embedded technologies, new projects showcase, community contributors track. We welcome embedded developers from across different countries to come together to exchange ideas, showcase projects, identify solutions, discuss future strategies, and provide mutual learning opportunities on a wide variety of topics, let’s exploring embedded technologies.
Free Register: https://forms.gle/8W1j2ZhCSLKFfyFQ8

About RT-Thread:

RT-Thread is an embedded real-time operating system, with its rich middle-tier components and great hardware & software ecosystem delivered great support for the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. …

We’re thrilled to Launch EmbeddedDev 2021! Develop a project running Opensource RT-Thread Real-time Operating System.

Your participation and valuable input will make this event a true success!

- Submit the project you want to achieve with RT-Thread and the dev board you need by filling out this application form to Enter EmbeddedDev2021.
RT-Thread will offer you a Free dev board! Opening on April 19, 2021, to May 19, 2021.

- We will choose the TEN most fitting projects submitted (if there are a large number of applicants, we’ll open more seats), and RT-Thread will buy the dev boards required for…

RT-Thread Studio IDE has the features of project creation and management, code editing, SDK manager, build configuration, debug configuration, program download and debugging, and combined with graphical configuration systems and package and component resources. RT-Thread Studio engaged to offer developers a handy IDE so that can reduce repetitive work, minimize the difficulty of project development, improve work efficiency both in speed and quality, and accelerate the overall product development process.


1-Support Different Project Creation Wizards:

Supports the bare board project creation, RT-Thread-based project creation, and many other creation wizards, developers can create projects based on ST series MCU or the development board:

Since we launched the Monthly Community Industry Report in 2020, this report recorded every contribution that comes from the community members and has helped all members to take a quick review of what’s updated on the RT-Thread community through the month, so you’re always in the know.

1. Code Contribution:

The statistics are fetched from merged PR on the Github master code branch.

We want to acknowledge and thank the following community members for their contributions to RT-Thread in February. They are:

mysterywolf、zhangsz0516、supperthomas、Jackistang、haocg9310、Sunwancn、LeeChunHei 、DavidLin1577 、sheltonyu 、yanmowudi、Michael0066、liruncong、greedyhao 、iysheng、guojiawei314 、wosayttn、0xcccccccccccc、Bluetrum Tech、Nuvoton Tech、and Artery Technology.

Thanks to all contributors who share their time, energy, and talent…

You certainly have a comprehensive knowledge of or skill in a particular area. The RT-Thread Club creates the Experts Channel for you, applies to be the experts in your area, and your profile will present on the Community Expert Page so the developers can directly ask for your help! Share your professional expertise to help more developers and build your reputation in the OpenSource community!

Apply Now!

  1. Log in RT-Thread Club, visit the Experts page.

Hi RT-Thread Community. Here we are in 2021. Take a review of what’s happening in the first month of 2021 in the RT-Thread community.

Same as usual, let’s start with the code contribution.

1. Code Contribution:

The statistics are fetched from merged PR on the Github master code branch.

We want to acknowledge and thank the following community members for their contributions to RT-Thread in January. They are:

Michael0066、hyhkjiy、xys20071111、mysterywolf、Forest-Rain、greedyhao、PYGC、fmkong、redocCheng 、Trisuborn、tmmdh、CraztTnspt、Jedcheen、xiaofengvskuye、xinyigao、DavidLin1577、iysheng、liuanlin-mx、Hxinrong 、shuobatian 、chengy4、Rice_Chen, Bluetrum Tech、Nuvoton Tech、NXP、HuaDa Semiconductor.

Thanks to all contributors who share their time, energy, and talent to help RT-Thread. Thank you very much!

Code updating:

  • bsp:ls2k:make set console device more flexible #4282

RT-Thread IoT OS

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