Embedded GUI Contest Winners Announcement!

RT-Thread IoT OS
1 min readOct 20, 2022


Dear Participants. On behave of the Contest Partners and Contest Host of the Embedded GUI Event, we want to send a massive thanks to anybody who participated in our contest and helped make it a success! Thank you all for your creativity and passion which is evident in each project you turned in!

We’re proud to announce our Winners.

1st Prize:
Fabian Näf
VUHFRadio https://github.com/NotBlackMagic/VUHFRadioGUI

2rd Prize:
Marcelo Varanda
Guitar Pedals https://github.com/Varanda-Labs/rt-thread/tree/guitar-pedals
Qiao Jijun
Desktop Electronic Albums https://github.com/piaoxuebingfeng/rt-thread-lvgl-album

3rd Prize:
Yu Jianghao
On-board ADAS Driver Assistance Panel https://github.com/CoreBoxer/ADAS_panel
Juan antonino flores
A Protocol for Lot Control of Different IoT Devices https://github.com/jeancode/Ovni_NuvotonN9h30/
Ding Ning
Smart Control Gateway https://github.com/dingning/rt1060_lvgl.git
Cheng Jili
Portable Device Inventory Management System https://github.com/chengjili/components-lib
Song Yituo
ElectronBili https://gitee.com/sytnocui/ElectronBili

Thanking each of you for trusting us and supporting us to date. Our upcoming contest will start soon. Get ready, you just might be the subsequent winner.

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