Fingerprint Door Lock Based on RT-Thread and RA6M4

RT-Thread IoT OS
2 min readOct 12, 2022


Author: windoufu

I developed an IoT fingerprint door lock based on the open-source RT-Thread IoT operating system and the RA6M4 development board; The hardware includes an ESP8266WIFI module, ATK-301 fingerprint module, RC522NFC module, RA6M4 main control board, etc. The software realizes Alibaba Cloud’s Smart WIFI to automatically finish the network configuration, APP remote to unlock the door, NFC to unlock the door, fingerprint registration, fingerprint unlocking, and many other functions.

Hardware Architecture

ESP8266WIFI module is responsible for completing Alibaba Cloud Intelligent APP communication, intelligent network distribution, remote unlocking, and other functions. ATK-301 fingerprint module, responsible for completing fingerprint registration and fingerprint matching functions, using serial port and master control for communication. RC522NFC module, responsible for completing NFC swipe to open the door, using the SPI interface and master control to communicate. RA6M4 main control board, responsible for implementing all peripheral module communication and functional logic. Among them, the LED light works to simulate the opening state, the green light means to open the door, and the red light to close the door.

Software Architecture

Software Module Description

NFC thread: responsible for completing the detection of swipe card access, sending the door opening semaphore Fingerprint thread: responsible for completing fingerprint registration and fingerprint matching, after the fingerprint matching is successful, send the door opening signal Key thread: detects the key action, realizes fingerprint registration and door opening functions Open door thread: wait for the door opening signal to realize the door opening action

Demo Presentation

Source Code

The project is open source, download the code HERE.



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