Get Raspberry Pi PICO Running on RT-Thread RTOS with an Opensource Light Versatile Graphics Library



  • Raspberry Pi PICO
  • TFT-SPI ST7789
    - Single chip TFT-LCD Controller/Driver with On-chip Frame Memory (FM)
    - Display Resolution: 240*RGB (H) *320(V)
    - Frame Memory Size: 240 x 320 x 18-bit = 1,382,400 bits
    - LCD Driver Output Circuits
    - Source Outputs: 240 RGB Channels
    - Gate Outputs: 320 Channels
    - Common Electrode Output


Add LVGL Software Package

  • Double-click RT-Thread Settings to enter the configuration page.
  • Click Add it now
  • Choose the packages of LVGL and lv_music_demo

Enable LVGL for LCD

Configure Screen Parameter

Select the screen size according to your project requirements (This tutorial is using ST7789).

LVGL Display Interface Adopting


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