Getting Started Raspberry Pi PICO project in RT-Thread MicroPython IDE.

RT-Thread is an open-source embedded real-time operating system (RTOS) that provides a wide range of components and 290+ software packages for the Internet of Things (IoT). RT-Thread MicroPython IDE is built by the RT-Thread team to provide a powerful development environment for MicroPython developers.

What makes RT-Thread MicroPython special?

  • A convenient connection mode of development board (serial port, network, USB)
  • Support MicroPython-based code intelligent completion and syntax check
  • Support MicroPython REPL interactive environment
  • Provides many code samples and demo program
  • Support full project synchronization function
  • Support to download files or folders to the development board
  • Supports fast running code files in memory
  • Supports code snippets to run functions
  • Supports several major MicroPython development boards
  • Support Windows and Ubuntu operating systems

Take a quick look at the introduction of RT-Thread MicroPython IDE

Create Raspberry Pi PICO project in RT-Thread MicroPython IDE

  1. Download and install RT-Thread Micropython IDE:

2. Create a MicroPython project:

3. Create a New MicroPython project:

4. Create a blank MicroPython Project:

5. Enter the project name:

6. Select the path to save the project:

7. Project successfully created.

8. Connect to the device:

9. Choose Pico Com Port:

10. Run the python file on PICO board:

11. You can also right-click to get it run:

12. Here you can obtain more MicroPython samples:

Check out the Tutorial Video

In The End

Any questions during the development, feel free to reach us at RT-Thread Club.

You are also very welcome to contribute any of your knowledge to the RT-Thread OpenSource Community. Let opensource project benefits more people!

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