Getting Started with Raspberry Pi PICO in RT-Thread Studio IDE.

Raspberry Pi PICO is now available in RT-Thread Studio IDE! Looking to make Raspberry Pico development simple and all in one-stop.

RT-Thread is an open-source embedded real-time operating system (RTOS) that provides a wide range of components and 290+ software packages for the Internet of Things (IoT). RT-Thread Studio IDE is built by the RT-Thread team and it takes full advantage of RT-Thread software packages and a wide range of components resources. All of this offers a way for developers to simplify the complexity of software development.

Walkthrough this tutorial get started with Raspberry Pi PICO in RT-Thread IDE.

RT-Thread Studio

Download PICO SDK

2. Download PICO BSP(Board Supported Package). Select v1.0.3.

Create PICO Project

2. Select PICO

3. Click Finish, successfully created project.

Compile and Download

2. Press the BOOTSEL in the board, plug in the USB cable and serial cable:

3. Open Serial Terminal Assistant in Studio:

4. Open the rtthread-pico.uf2 belonging category:

5. Download uf2 to PICO board:

6. Successfully downloaded, we’ll see the LED is flashing.

7. Communicate with PICO by Studio Serial Tool.

We also created the demonstration video on RT-Thread YouTube Channel.

RT-Thread Contact Info:

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