Getting Started with Raspberry Pi PICO in RT-Thread Studio IDE.

RT-Thread IoT OS
3 min readFeb 3, 2021

Raspberry Pi PICO is now available in RT-Thread Studio IDE! Looking to make Raspberry Pico development simple and all in one-stop.

RT-Thread is an open-source embedded real-time operating system (RTOS) that provides a wide range of components and 290+ software packages for the Internet of Things (IoT). RT-Thread Studio IDE is built by the RT-Thread team and it takes full advantage of RT-Thread software packages and a wide range of components resources. All of this offers a way for developers to simplify the complexity of software development.

Walkthrough this tutorial get started with Raspberry Pi PICO in RT-Thread IDE.

RT-Thread Studio

Download PICO SDK

  1. Click SDK Manager:

2. Download PICO BSP(Board Supported Package). Select v1.0.3.

Create PICO Project

  1. Create RT-Thread project:

2. Select PICO

3. Click Finish, successfully created project.

Compile and Download

  1. Click build to compile the project:

2. Press the BOOTSEL in the board, plug in the USB cable and serial cable:

3. Open Serial Terminal Assistant in Studio:

4. Open the rtthread-pico.uf2 belonging category:

5. Download uf2 to PICO board:

6. Successfully downloaded, we’ll see the LED is flashing.

7. Communicate with PICO by Studio Serial Tool.

We also created the demonstration video on RT-Thread YouTube Channel.

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