Heads-up: RT-Thread × Renesas × LVGL are About to Drop a Cost-Effective HMI Board

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3 min readMay 9, 2023

When you hear “HMI screens,” you might think of Human Machine Interface or Touch Screen Display. They are known for their efficient GUI development and are widely used in fields like industrial automation and healthcare. But there’s a catch: the hardware cost of the HMI + main control board mode can be a bit steep, and the GUI development can be a bit basic and inflexible.

That’s where RT-Thread, Renesas, and LVGL come in. We’ve cooked up a new HMI Board development mode to replace the traditional HMI + main control board hardware. With just one set of hardware, you can achieve the full capabilities of HMI + IoT + control. And with Renesas’ high-performance RA6M3 chip, RT-Thread’s software ecosystem and LVGL GUI ecosystem, the HMI Board packs a punch in both hardware performance and software ecosystem. It’s never been easier for developers to quickly create GUI smart hardware products.

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Hardware Framework

  • RA6M3(R7FA6M3AH3CFB): Cortex-M4F core, 120Mhz main frequency, with 2MB Flash/640KB RAM, integrated TFT controller, 2D accelerator, and JPEG decoder.
  • 4.3 inch LCD (RGB 888)
  • On-board emulator
  • Ethernet
  • RW007 (SPI high-speed WIFI)
  • USB-Device
  • TF Card
  • CAN
  • 1 microphone, 1 speaker
  • Arduino expansion interface
  • 2 PMOD expansion interfaces
  • 4 buttons: 3 user buttons, one reset button

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Software Resources

The RT-Thread team has provided complete support for RA6M3 peripheral drivers:

The HMI Board is currently undergoing LVGL certification. When it is officially released, there will also be a very cool LVGL demo showcase. Please stay tuned.

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