Let’s Connect! RT-Thread OpenSource Club is Launching!

Hi Community Developers:

RT-Thread creates a place for you to ask questions, share experiences, raise your skillset, and make progress together with many many open-source advocates in RT-Thread Club. Join us now to win 10 Points!

What is RT-Thread Club?

1. Ask Questions and Get Your Questions Answered!

RT-Thread offers 5 independent sections [RT-Thread Standard] [RT-Thread Nano] [RT-Thread Smart] [RT-Thread Studio IDE] [Embedded], providing developers with a full ranged platform to learn embedded development. Create posts according to question type on the corresponding section.

2. Share You Knowledge

Sharing knowledge and inspiration is important in opensource community, we highly encourage you to write articles, get your thoughts organized, and spread your knowledge to empower more people. Meanwhile, when you share with others, it helps deepen your own knowledge and engrains what you know. It's a win-win.

3. Apply Experts to Share Your Professional Expertise

You might have a comprehensive knowledge of or skill in a particular area, RT-Thread creates the Experts Channel for you, apply to be the experts in your area, and your profile will be shown on the Community Expert Page, developers can directly ask for your help! Share your professional expertise to help more people and build your reputation in the OpenSource community!

Playing with RT-Thread Community Now!

Registration Rewards:
By registering RT-Thread community from 10th Dec to 20th Dec, you’ll receive 10 Points and it will be distributed to your RT-Thread Community account from 21st Dec.
RT-Thread Points Exchange Center will soon be released, it is a platform for you to Exchange your points into Community Gifts, Amazon Gift Cards, and more!

→ Register Now! RT-Thread Club

RT-Thread Contact Info:

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