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MicroPython has been ported to and could be run on RT-Thread 3.0 or above. This package allows you to run Python on any embedded system carrying RT-Thread.

Catalog Structure


RT-Thread Micropython follows MIT License, find more details in LICENSE.


RT-Thread 3.0+

Open RT-Thread MicroPython

First, select Micropython packages in RT-Thread package manager, as follows:

RT-Thread’s package manager will download the selected packages automatically. Also, you can explicitly order the package manager to download packages into the BSP directory by using the pkgs --update command.


When MicroPython Package is selected, it is added to the bsp project for compilation when bsp compiles again.

MicroPython Firmware Development Guides please refer to .

For more information about RT-Thread Micropython, please refer to .

Using MicroPython IDE

The provides a powerful development environment, which is downloadable through the VScode App Store, as follows:

Add C extensions to MicroPython

To make it easier for users to add their own C functions to MicroPython, which could be invoked in Python scripts, a MicroPython C binding code-generator() is provided by RT-Thread. With this tool, the C function extensions can be implemented in just a few simple steps, and the following image shows the form of the automatically generated C code.


· Only available on RT-Thread V3.0 and above.

· Select the latest version of Micropython in the menuconfig.

· Currently, the ffi component in System Module is only supported by the GCC toolchain and adding the relevant segment information into the link script is required.

RT-Thread Contact Info:

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