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4 min readMay 16, 2023


This is a high-cost-performance graphic evaluation kit brought to you by RT-Thread in collaboration with Renesas and LVGL. Say goodbye to traditional HMI + main control board hardware and hello to the full capabilities of HMI + IoT + control with just one set of hardware. With Renesas’ high-performance RA6M3 chip and RT-Thread’s software ecosystem at its core, the HMI Board packs a punch with its strong hardware performance and rich software ecosystem. This makes it easier than ever for developers to create cutting-edge GUI smart hardware products.

But that’s not all. The HMI-Board comes equipped with a 2M Flash large-capacity main control chip RA6M3, featuring built-in modules like 2D acceleration, JPEG encoder/decoder, and LCD controller to help with graphic application development. Plus, with an onboard TFT display and audio interface, developers can flex their skills in the HMI field. And let’s not forget about IoT connectivity: the HMI-Board has an onboard Ethernet interface and high-speed WIFI module, keeping the development board connected to the cloud 24/7. The HMI-Board also supports various control methods, including CAN interface, Arduino interface, and two PMOD interfaces. This allows developers to easily expand various peripherals and achieve more flexible control methods. With the HMI-Board development board, creating GUI smart hardware products has never been easier.

Discover Its Amazing Advantages and Features:

When you hear “HMI screens,” what comes to mind? For many, it’s configuration screens or serial screens. These screens are known for their efficient GUI development and are widely used in industries such as automation and healthcare. But there’s a catch: the hardware cost for HMI + main control board mode can be high, and the GUI development can be simple and inflexible. That’s why RT-Thread has teamed up with Renesas and LVGL to introduce a new HMI Board development mode that replaces traditional HMI + main control board hardware. With just one set of hardware, you can achieve the full capabilities of HMI + IoT + control. And with Renesas’ high-performance RA6M3 chip and RT-Thread’s software ecosystem, the HMI Board boasts not only powerful hardware performance but also a rich software ecosystem. This makes it easier than ever for developers to create cutting-edge GUI smart hardware products.

Video Demo

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Hardware Framework

  • RA6M3(R7FA6M3AH3CFB): Cortex-M4F core, 120Mhz main frequency, with 2MB Flash/640KB RAM, integrated TFT controller, 2D accelerator, and JPEG decoder.
  • 4.3 inch LCD (RGB 888)
  • On-board emulator
  • Ethernet
  • RW007 (SPI high-speed WIFI)
  • USB-Device
  • TF Card
  • CAN
  • 1 microphone, 1 speaker
  • Arduino expansion interface
  • 2 PMOD expansion interfaces
  • 4 buttons: 3 user buttons, one reset button

Extension Interface Description

The HMI-Board has rich expansion interface support, including one Arduino interface and two PMOD interfaces. The specific pin definitions are as follows:

Development Board Example List

The HMI-Board comes pre-burned with the RT-Thread 5.0.0 release version and has the Finsh component enabled by default (connected to the DAP-Link virtual serial port). It also comes with a series of demo examples.

● LVGL official demo
● Video player
● Factory firmware

There is also a series of examples scheduled to be added soon.

● OTA remote upgrade
● Ardunio compatibility layer
● Webnet gateway: Built-in web server, after successful networking, it can display basic information about the development board through a web page and perform simple control of the onboard LED of the development board. And display the control results on the screen in real time.

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