RT-Thread Community Report in March 2020

1. Code Contribution in March:

The statistics are fetched from merged PR on the Github master code branch.

First of all, we want to acknowledge and thank the following community members for their contributions to RT-Thread in March. They are:
Greed-island、qz721、 leeehui、DavidLin1577、Sunwancn、luhuadong、gyd0317、sheltonyu、shawn1221、cliff-cmc、zhao0116、supperthomas、redocCheng、 Chinese66、tanglj86、djndl1 and Artery Technology company.

Also, thanks to all contributors who have shared their time, energy, and talent to help RT-Thread. Thank you very much!

Code updating:

# Update RT-Thread repo readme, add more introduction about rt-thread.
# Fix system memory leaks that rt_realloc might cause.
# Fix bug#3484” USB can’t properly recognize a composite device”.
# Fix the warning issue of the hifive1 BSP with scons.
# Optimize UART driver.
# Fix the error caused by some macros that are defined with values when running ‘scons — target=eclipse’.
# Fix usb stack overflow issue.
# Fix compiling errors in some of the STM32 due to the absence of the corresponding ADC channel macro definitions in the HAL library.
# Add Aarch64 cache API.
# Fix the issue “MMC protocol stack allows the driver to set a frequency higher than highspeed to drive eMMC”.
# Add sc mode auto-switching.
# spi: support switching between slave mode and master mode at runtime.
# Fix stack overflow issue in sdrv_crypto.c.
# Add stm32l496zg-Nucleo BSP.
# Add the support for on-board AP6181.
# Fix the issue “bank2 of stm32f103vgt6 flash can’t work”.
# Fix the issue” the long startup time caused by the protocol stack trying an invalid line width”.
# Fix the issue “the SD card can not be used if formatted into only one partition”.
# Fix the issue y-modem can not read the file size.
# Add Artery at32 BSP.
# Add support to open PM peripherals in cubemx.
# Add C++ support in clock_time.h.
# Add drivers for the 64-bit raspberry: gpio, wdg, hdmi and mbox.
# Fix the issue of UART DMA transfers in STM32 BSPs.
# Add interfaces to the WLAN framework of bare-data sending, frame-filtering management and callback registration.

2. The Newly Added 13 Packages in March:

hdc1000:hdc1000 sensor driver base on RT-Thread sensor frame.

max7219: A MAX7219 package for the digital tube.

bmp280: bmp280 iic drive.

SHTC1: SHTC1 sensor driver package, support: temperature, humidity.

BMP180: This is the BMP180 sensor driver package, support: barometric, temperature.

DS3231: Extern RTC driver for ds3231.

beep: Control the buzzer to make beeps at different intervals.

easyblink: Blink the LED easily and use a little RAM for RT-Thread or RT-Thread Nano.

joylink: Joylink Cloud SDK for IoT platform.

kawaii-mqtt: A kawaii mqtt client based on the socket API, has a very simple API interface, supports QoS2, mbedtls.

lkdGui: lkdGui is a graphical interface for monochrome displays.

plccore: plccore for RT-Thread.

sys_load_monitor:system load monitor.

Check out more information about Software Packages, please visit Here!

3. Development tools:

RT-Thread env: Env updated to v1.2.0, also add GIT tool.

RT-Thread Studio: Studio is upgraded from V1.0.2 to V1.0.4, optimized the user experience and added new features, such as build log simplified output and detailed output, link.lds script graphics editor, and more.

RT-Thread Contact Info
Website: https://www.rt-thread.io/
Github: https://github.com/RT-Thread
Email: contact@rt-thread.org
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rt_thread



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