RT-Thread Open-Source IoT OS Community Report in August!

1. Code Contribution:

qiyongzhong0、Michael0066 、ynkan、ylz0923、guohp1128、geniusgogo 、 liuduanfei、luhuadong、mysterywolf、xfwangqiang、supperthomas、NU-LL and Nuvoton Technology Corporation.

Code updating:

  • Fix stm32f769-st-disco bsp dist features, perfect the f7 series bsp template and test it. #3856
  • Fix dataqueue, limit queue size to usable values (2,4,8,16…) to avoid errors when put_index exceed 0xffff. #3862
  • utest:fixed compile err. #3861
  • [update] drv_hwtimers.c file error struct member variables. #3857
  • Remove legacy BSPs. #3849
  • MIPS:remove redundant. #ifdef ARCH_MIPS64
  • Fix the clock configuration issue for the hardware timer of STM32. #3846
  • [skip travis] [Doc] Update file header copyright information for license. #3848
  • [bsp/nrf5x/libraries/drivers] add wdt driver. #3840
  • Add nrf5x adc driver. #3835
  • [update] stm32mp157a-st-ev1 add ci and format code. #3832
  • Fix the iterator failure for softtimer list timeout check. #3822
  • Update error SFUD support manufacturer (Micronix -> Macronix). #3821
  • Change I2C configuration hierarchy. #3802
  • [update] add stm32mp1-st-ev1 bsp. #3814
  • [BSP] [stm32f429-st-disco] Add SDRAM, LCD port files. #3808
  • [stm32] perform an automatic ADC calibration using HAL_ADCEx_Calibration_Start(). #3811
  • Add macros definition for struct rt_device_ops. #3810
  • Fix gcc assembly option in rtconfig.py for imxrt1064-nxp-evk. #3792
  • [bsp/ nrfx5] fix the board of nrf52832(pca10040). #3807
  • [DFS] clean the unnecessary checking. #3806
  • Fix startup files. #3804
  • Add condition compilation to prevent the _sys_flen has compilation warning when RT_USING_DFS is not defined: the stat variable is defined but not called. #3803
  • [code style] spelling mistake: PROERTY -> PROPERTY. #3801
  • [modify] if … else if constructs to be terminated with an else clause, which other option is invalid and delete surplus space. #3773
  • [add] a macro to be isolated while using signals in rt_mutex_take function. #3775
  • [add] switch default clause. #3774
  • [format] enumeration define two styles: define first or all. #3776
  • Fix bugs on SConscript. #3788
  • [nuvoton] Sync drivers of Nuvoton-M480 platform. #3799
  • [ bsp/ nrf5x ] add the driver of pwm. #3796
  • [modify] internal function ‘isdigit’ name to ‘_isdigit’. #3764
  • [bsp] [ stm32 ] update stm32h743-st-nucleo bsp scripts. #3791

2. Software Packages Updating (RT-Thread has a total of 245 packages now)

  • qboot release v1.01. #690
  • lora-radio v1.1 update. #688
  • Add new nnom new release 0.4.1. #686
  • Add agile_jsmn package: jsmn is an ultra-lightweight, easy-to-carry, single file, suitable for environments with limited storage space in microcontroller, and can simply be used as an ANSI-C standard JSON parser. #685
  • Add the peripheral driver for wk2124. #683
  • Add uMCN package: uMCN is a light-weight and powerful IPC library based on the publisher/subscriber model. #682
  • Add speech recognition package for chip LD3320. #679
  • Add uCOSIII_Wrapper uCOSIII compatible layer package. #678
  • Add nmealib package :Add a porting of the nmealib library on RT-Thread, which is used to parse GPS data for the NMEA protocol. #677
  • Add agile_console software. #675

One More Thing:

RT-Thread Micro-Kernel Operating System RT-Thread Smart will be announced next week, please stay tuned.



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