RT-Thread Open-Source IoT OS Community Report in February!

Since we launched the Monthly Community Industry Report in 2020, this report recorded every contribution that comes from the community members and has helped all members to take a quick review of what’s updated on the RT-Thread community through the month, so you’re always in the know.

1. Code Contribution:

We want to acknowledge and thank the following community members for their contributions to RT-Thread in February. They are:

mysterywolf、zhangsz0516、supperthomas、Jackistang、haocg9310、Sunwancn、LeeChunHei 、DavidLin1577 、sheltonyu 、yanmowudi、Michael0066、liruncong、greedyhao 、iysheng、guojiawei314 、wosayttn、0xcccccccccccc、Bluetrum Tech、Nuvoton Tech、and Artery Technology.

Thanks to all contributors who share their time, energy, and talent to help RT-Thread. Thank you very much!

Code updating:

  • The common/time .c file functions have been adjusted #4306 #4306 #4314 #4316 #4331 #4333 #4345 #4349
  • Keil IAR and newlib’s libc library are optimized #4331 #4334 #4339 #4340 #4341 #4344 #4358 #4364 #4369 #4385
  • [update] [kernel ] Standardize the cast of rt_object_t, eliminating the compilation warning #4399
  • [bsp/max32660] Add a GCC compilation environment and remove Keil’s microlib option#4394
  • [bsp/max32660] add the driver of i2c #4392
  • fix stm32 drv_dac.c some bugs #4360
  • [update] [kernel]Standardize the use of rt_object_detach #4390
  • [fix] the wrong ‘ifconfig’ information for multi-network interface #4386
  • [drv_usart.c] Fix the stm32 serial enables Even or Odd Check when the word length setting error #4382
  • [libcpu] [cm33] Security-related functions are isolated using macros #4291
  • Fix imxrt bsp #4373
  • [bsp] [raspberry-pico] Fixed failure to start without connecting to UART #4380
  • Port QTMR’s PWM for RT1052 #4335
  • Switch to a non-blocking API for the SPI transport of imxrt#4336
  • [ipc] fix IAR Compilation error #4361
  • Mini optimized the spi_flash_init.c #4352 from DavidLin1577
  • Fixed the return value bug in sdcard_port.c #4353
  • [bsp/at32] update for project default configuration #4357
  • [bsp] [x86] update x86 with Kconfig and newlib toolchains. #4356
  • Perfect SWM320 BSP #4348
  • bsp:ls1b:rework uart driver and fix some bugs to make it work. tested on ls1b dev board #4294
  • [bsp/nrf5x] add the FAQ about hardfault #4346
  • [bsp/at32] 1.add can and on-chip-flash drivers 2.fixed c++ compiler error #4325
  • [bsp/max32660] add the driver of spi and gpio #4343
  • [bsp]Fixed the stack overflow bug in i2c.c #4317
  • [bsp]Mini optimized the drv_sound.c #4318
  • SECTION change to RT_SECTION #4330
  • [bsp/maxim]add the bsp of max32660-evsys #4332
  • Update coding_style_cn.md #4322
  • [bsp] mini optimized the drv_xpt2046.c #4320
  • [bsp] [stm32] fix PWMN_CMD_DISABLE config #4270
  • [toolchain] Added support for the TASKING toolchain. #4313
  • [bsp] [gd32103c-eval] Add hwtimer driver and modify adc driver with LOG_x function #4272
  • [sdio] free memory and enhance performance #4308
  • [update] elf2uf2.exe #4301
  • [bsp] [bluetrum] add adc and rtc support
  • [bsp] [bluetrum] add pwm support #4273
  • [add] raspberry-pico elf2uf2.exe #4296
  • ls1b: fix the count of GPIO IRQ #4286
  • Fixes an error in the qspi drive of the STM32 that when defining the BSP_QSPI_USING_SOFTCS to enable software cs pin control, its member struct pin case is inconsistent #4265
  • [bsp/nuvoton] Sync and update. #4287
  • [utilities] [ulog] Add LOG_RAW ringbuffer to fix printing line limit issue #4288
  • [BSP] [LS2K ] [Bug fix] Fixed an incorrect adjustment of the SPI cross-frequency coefficient under the Loongson 2K platform #4242
  • [bug] [bsp] [stm32] [pandora] cannot use fatfs in the main thread at starting up #4389
  • Update readme listing under STM32 category #4289
  • Add RT_WEAK function for rt_kprintf rt_memcpy rt_memset rt_memcmp #4259

2. Software Packages Updating (RT-Thread has a total of 323 packages now)

  • [add] Add MEMS SENSOR: lis2dh12 package. #876
  • Fixed an error that rt_kprintf_threadsafe package could not be found #875
  • [tools] new package anv bench #874
  • [tools] new package anv_testsuit #873
  • [tools] new package anv_memleak #872
  • [tools] new package anv_trace #871
  • [tools] new package lwlog #870
  • [misc] new package cowsay #869
  • [misc] new package mcurses #868
  • Add Micro-XRCE-DDS-Client package #867
  • jerryscript adds the call stack print option#866
  • Replace the rt_printf package with the rt_kprintf_threadsafe package#865
  • [add] LPM logical partition management, responsible for storage device management and partition management #864
  • [add] add CM33 choice for CmBacktrace/Kconfig #863
  • [logmgr] update index #860

Thanks to mysterywolf、JcZou 、wuhanstudio、xupenghu for contributing software packages!

3. Development Tools:

  • Several BSPs from different chip manufacturers have been updated in RT-Thread Studio and are now available for download via SDK manager
  • The team is working on releasing RT-Thread Studio v2.1.0

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