RT-Thread Open-Source IoT OS Community Report in January!

Hi RT-Thread Community. Here we are in 2021. Take a review of what’s happening in the first month of 2021 in the RT-Thread community.

Same as usual, let’s start with the code contribution.

1. Code Contribution:

We want to acknowledge and thank the following community members for their contributions to RT-Thread in January. They are:

Michael0066、hyhkjiy、xys20071111、mysterywolf、Forest-Rain、greedyhao、PYGC、fmkong、redocCheng 、Trisuborn、tmmdh、CraztTnspt、Jedcheen、xiaofengvskuye、xinyigao、DavidLin1577、iysheng、liuanlin-mx、Hxinrong 、shuobatian 、chengy4、Rice_Chen, Bluetrum Tech、Nuvoton Tech、NXP、HuaDa Semiconductor.

Thanks to all contributors who share their time, energy, and talent to help RT-Thread. Thank you very much!

Code updating:

  • bsp:ls2k:make set console device more flexible #4282
  • Feature/nrf5x nrf52832 and nrf52840 compatible with gcc compilation #4285
  • Update bsp/allwinner_tina/rtconfig.py #4274
  • [stm32] [bluepill] add the function of MDK simulator & update MDK5 project template #4266
  • [bsp] [raspberry-pico]add gpio drivers #4276
  • add support stm32wl and bsp/stm32wl55jc-st-nucleo #4277
  • [fix] Fix an error-reporting problem when using lwip 2.1.2 as the protocol stack and enabling the dhcp server option
  • [PWM] Fix the pwm clock frequency doubling problem #4263
  • add raspberry-pico bsp #4275
  • [bsp] [bluetrum] add i2c, wdt and hwtimer support #4268
  • Feature/update rt studio py #4271
  • Feature/use studio project file template #4269
  • Append RT_WEAK for overriding various ECC layout #4267
  • fixbug:keep makefile.targets while it has existed #4264
  • [utilities] [ulog] fix ulog backend color log length calculation error #4258
  • [bsp] [bluetrum] add sdio support #4255
  • [bsp] fix mm32 iar icf bugs #3950
  • irq_disable [drivers/sensor]disable irq only when the sensor and module sensors are all closed. #3271
  • Fix compile error when adding RT_USING_MTD_NOR #4226
  • [update] stm32mp1 uart dma sample #4253
  • Add support of the PWM driver for STM32H7 for in stm32, add the complementary of PWM, such as , pwm_get commands, and more #4250
  • fix priority inversion bug of mutex. #3647
  • [ulog]Add backend filtering interface, add async log output control interface, ulog mutex change to semaphore #4251
  • [bsp] [stm32] Add HAL_TIM_Base_Init #4249
  • [.gitignore] Filter out the dist folder #4241
  • add dist to rt-thread studio support for all bsp #4245
  • fix imxrt uart2 wrong configure #4236
  • [stm32] [bsp] [bluepill] update readme and update cubemx project #4238
  • Fix an NRF52840 compilation error when enabled SPI drivers #4233
  • [stm32] [stm32f103-blue-pill] add USB device support #4235
  • [readme] update #4237
  • [libcpu/arm/arm926/start_gcc.S] Remove platform-specific code in common #4234
  • SAI module-i.mxrt1050evk #3989
  • [kernel] add rt_mb_urgent() #4218
  • Update net_test.c #4225
  • [bsp] [gd32103c-eval] Add gd32103c-eval bsp [src/kservice.c] Update the print time notification information #4223
  • scons: Add CodeLite target #3967
  • add error checks of rt_mutex_take() #4165
  • [kernel] [script] remove module.c #4220
  • [kernel] update sconscript #4219
  • Rearrange the format of the .c and pipe .c #4216

2. Software Packages Updating (RT-Thread has a total of 299 packages now)

  • add as7341 sensor package: AS7341 visible light sensor that can sense 11 wavelengths of visible light. #829
  • add an independent watchdog driver package for sgm706 #830
  • [littlefs] release v2.3.0 #831
  • [ulog_file] add ulog_file package index #832
  • Add kdb software index #834
  • rs485 release v1.02 #836
  • Add state_machine, a Finite-state machine(FSM)with rich but simple implementation in C language #840
  • Add logmgr package: support log management system features #842 #847 #849
  • Perfect the support on ASR6500S, Update Kconfig #846
  • [ulog_file] update ulog_file index #848
  • [add]add gt911 touch drive #850
  • Add rt_memcpy_cm software package: the Cortex-M kernel assembly acceleration version of the rt_memcpy function #851
  • add tag for Cortex-M #852
  • add Qfplib_M0_tiny software package: Cortex-M0 floating-point computing assembly acceleration library (tiny version) #853
  • add Qfplib-M0-full software package: Cortex-M0 floating-point computing assembly acceleration library (full version) #854
  • add Qfplib-M3 software package: Cortex-M3 floating-point computing assembly acceleration library #855
  • [system/littlefs]fixed version index #857

Thanks to redocCheng 、Prry、geniusgogo、 Bruceyzha 、qiyongzhong0 、mysterywolf、zyk6271 、RiceChen for contributing software packages!

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