RT-Thread Open-Source IoT OS Community Report in September!

1. Code Contribution:

The statistics are fetched from merged PR on the Github master code branch.

We want to acknowledge and thank the following community members for their contributions to RT-Thread in September. They are:

chenyingchun0312、supperthomas、ChenxuanZhao、xfwangqiang、mysterywolf、sheltonyu、zyf-in-github、Michael0066、luhuadong、SimpleInit、geniusgogo、egbert-h、DavidLin1577、Nuclei System Technology、Essemi、and PingTouGe Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

Thanks to all contributors who share their time, energy, and talent to help RT-Thread. Thank you very much!

Code updating:

  • sync nrf52840 some config files to nrf52832 #3937
  • [update] stm32mp1 pin-index #3936
  • [drivers/usb]Fixed a bug may cause stackover flow #3675
  • mstorage.c: fix bug in device descriptor that MAC OS enumeration failed #3712
  • [dfs] fix the DEVICE could not get or set flags #3935
  • [add] DFS file system supports device types #3931
  • [stm32/gpio]Optimized the pin-index algorithm #3926
  • add rtc device driver for nrf52x #3911 by chenyingchun0312
  • [add] openamp for stm32mp157-dk1 #3927
  • [add] openamp for stm32mp157a-ev1 #3928
  • add t-head smart-evb bsp, and risc-v cpu e906 #3919
  • MIPS:fix the RT_EXCEPTION_MAX value #3913 by Michael0066
  • Delete non-aligned address access statements and __CORTEX_M macro definition judgments.#3918
  • [bsp] es32f369x:add new driver & iar support. #3920
  • [drivers/serial]add a line feed to the carriage return character when using interrupt tx #3916
  • [bsp_nrf5x] rebuild the menuconfig and ble stack config #3905
  • add raspi4–32 mbox driver #3901
  • ls2k1000 gmac address variable, read from pci header #3915
  • [sensor] support GPS/GNSS sensor class #3903
  • add ls2k bsp gmac, mmu driver, fix LwIP on 64 bit processor #3883
  • [add] [ libc] libc add getline/getdelim function(posix.1–2008,fix common file folder for armlibc/dlib/newlib #3888
  • [components] [ driver /pin.c]pin architecture adds rt_pin_get #3897
  • Fix the STM32 HAL library SPI memory out of alignment access hard fault that caused by “response+1” #3850
  • [bsp] [stm32] support ethernet device for stm32f769-disco #3864
  • ulog:fixed compile err syslog.c:154:34: error: unknown type name ‘uint8_t’ #3885
  • [update] stm32mp1-dk1 bsp drivers #3891
  • [update] stm32mp1-ev1 bsp drivers #3882
  • [bsp] [ stm32]add can support for stm32l4 #3858
  • [bsp] remove x1000 bsp for none Apache License v2.0 #3836
  • Fix the inappropriate judgement on the thread-in-ready-state tables of each CPU in the function ‘rt_schedule_remove_thread()’ on SMP #3886
  • [bsp/at32] add link detecting thread for ethernet driver #3874
  • [bsp] [imxrt]fixed ethernet driver bug for imxrt #3853
  • [fix] libcpu/nuclei: Fix wrong RT_KERNEL_INTERRUPT_LEVEL #3877
  • Create a new unstd.c file under the common folder and separate the isatty/ttyname function as a public function. #3869
  • [bsp] [IMXRT]fixed SConstruct file spell error in imxrt1064-nxp-evk #3876
  • [fix] Fixes the SPI API errors when it being called under C+ .#3875
  • [bsp/nrf5x]add the sample of softdevice config #3878
  • [bsp/nuclei] Add BSP support for Nuclei HummingBird FPGA Evaluation Board #3868
  • [fix] thread control bug about RT_THREAD_CTRL_CLOSE command #3872
  • Add peripheral ADC, WDT, PWM and other configurations for nrf52832 to support menuconfig configurations. #3865

2. Software Packages Updating (RT-Thread has a total of 252 packages now)

  • Add Ppool package, a Pthread-based thread pool library.
  • Update agile_console、agile_telnet.
  • Add MS5805 sensor.
  • Jerryscript: [ add ] Add bytecode compilation and bytecode loading execution functions for enabling configuration.
  • Update yd_crypto version.
  • [webnet]update v2.0.2.
  • Add btstack package.
  • Add lwgps package, a lightweight GPS NMEA parser.
  • Add y68l6400 package, device drive for ly68l6400 chip.
  • [nrf5x_sdk] Fix the Kconfig and its warning.
  • littlefs releases v2.2.x.
  • [CmBacktrace] Add (UTF-8) configuration.
  • littlefs: Fix 2.1.x enable wear leveling. -1 is disable
  • Perfect mpy: Add the user extension option so that the new module does not have to modify the package’s header file.
  • Add 2048 puzzle game package, an indie puzzle video game runs on RT-Thread console.
  • Add threes puzzle game package, an indie puzzle video game.
  • Add pdulib package, a TEXT parsing library for short messages in PDU format.
  • qboot releases v1.04.
  • qboot releases v1.03.
  • qboot releases v1.02.
  • netutils releases v1.2.0.
  • Add RT_USING_DFS dependence options.

Thanks to mysterywolf 、qiyongzhong0、 ShineRoyal 、heyuanjie87、geniusgogo、ChenxuanZhao、supperthomas、Ghazigq、orange2348、 china-hai 、schuck-wang and loogg for contributing software packages!

3. Development tools:

RT-Thread Studio IDE V1.1.4 is released in September!

  • New Project Creation Wizard
    Add project creation wizard based on board.
  • Toolchain
    New support RISC-V toolchain.
  • Refine Project-construction Function
  • Refine SDK Manager
  • Support New Development Board
  • Refine RT-Thread Configuration
  • Refine QEMU
    One-click the Download button can directly run the QEMU.
    New hardware supports are added:
    - The development board GD32VF103-NUCLEI-RVSTAR based on RISC.
    - The chip VEXPRESS-A9 based on ARMv7-A.
    - The SDIO interface implemented on STM32.
  • Refine Debugger Features
    - Support ST-LINK debugging reset.
    - Support ST-LINK debugging to view peripheral registers.
    - Support ST-LINK external FLASH download algorithm.
    - Fix the issue of displaying garbled characters in logging during the downloading and verification progress when using ST-LINK.
    - DAP-LINK supports multi-download algorithms.
    - DAP-LINK debugger supports Artery chip download and debugging.
    - Add DAP-LINK download debug parameter configuration to speed up the downloading.
    - Resolve the issue where the project path has a space bullet box at the time of J-Link download and requires manual entry of the start address.
  • Perfect Language Switching

One More Thing:

RT-Thread Micro-Kernel Operating System RT-Thread Smart will opensource in October. Stay tuned!

RT-Thread Contact Info:

Website | Github | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube



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