RT-Thread Open-Source IoT OS Community Report in September!

1. Code Contribution:

The statistics are fetched from merged PR on the Github master code branch.

We want to acknowledge and thank the following community members for their contributions to RT-Thread in September. They are:

chenyingchun0312、supperthomas、ChenxuanZhao、xfwangqiang、mysterywolf、sheltonyu、zyf-in-github、Michael0066、luhuadong、SimpleInit、geniusgogo、egbert-h、DavidLin1577、Nuclei System Technology、Essemi、and PingTouGe Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

Thanks to all contributors who share their time, energy, and talent to help RT-Thread. Thank you very much!

Code updating:

  • sync nrf52840 some config files to nrf52832 #3937

2. Software Packages Updating (RT-Thread has a total of 252 packages now)

  • Add Ppool package, a Pthread-based thread pool library.

Thanks to mysterywolf 、qiyongzhong0、 ShineRoyal 、heyuanjie87、geniusgogo、ChenxuanZhao、supperthomas、Ghazigq、orange2348、 china-hai 、schuck-wang and loogg for contributing software packages!

3. Development tools:

RT-Thread Studio IDE V1.1.4 is released in September!

  • New Project Creation Wizard
    Add project creation wizard based on board.

One More Thing:

RT-Thread Micro-Kernel Operating System RT-Thread Smart will opensource in October. Stay tuned!

RT-Thread Contact Info:

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