RT-Thread Open-Source IoTOS Community Report in July

1. Code Contribution:

The statistics are fetched from merged PR on the Github master code branch.

We want to acknowledge and thank the following community members for their contributions to RT-Thread in July. They are:

luhuadong、uselessboard、 ifreecoding 、 SantaPasserby 、guohp1128 、 LYH-ux、NU-LLadd 、 XYX12306、margguo、 DavidLin1577 、xfwangqiang 、zhiweih、liuduanfei 、mysterywolf、 sgf201 、 iysheng and Nuvoton Technology Corporation.

Thanks to all contributors who share their time, energy, and talent to help RT-Thread. Thank you very much!

Code updating:

  • Fix a bug about rt_event_recv function without assigning event_set/event_info, when there is a correspond event, the thread does not need to wait #3787
  • avoid deadlock (rt_hw_interrupt_disable and rt_enter_critical when enable smp #3786
  • [format] code style of rt_strcmp function #3777
  • update SConstruct fix compilation error #3785
  • specify date string length in FINSH date command #3784
  • [update] function must have parameter #3767
  • fix bug: keep user’s lib configuration while running — target=eclipse #3766
  • [at_socket] support alloc socket dynamically with at device #3755
  • [bsp] [stm32] [wdt] Optimize code style #3760
  • minor optimization for mempool.c #3762
  • [update] add English README.md #3759
  • [bsp/nrf5x] add the config of softdevice #3761
  • [update] add STM32MP1xx template project #3746
  • fixed scons — dist in IMXRT BSP #3754
  • Update tcpclient.c #3753
  • [components] [wlan] fixed an issue at some cases of without user_buff in function rt_wlan_event_dispatch ()#3752
  • [bsp] add missing dist_handle function for two stm32 bsp #3747
  • [sensor] fixed sensor cmd delay time #3741
  • fixbug:eclipse.py do not remove all unused path list #3744
  • mainly update some supports on-chip peripheral driver about stm32f413-st-nucleo board #3724
  • stm32g070-st-nucleo bsp #3732
  • first commit of tm4c123bsp, validate on MDK5 #3722
  • raspi4 spi0 driver can run #3739
  • Submit nrf5x gpio driver #3706
  • [DeviceDriver] [SFUD] Update the ‘sf bench’ command #3740
  • fix an error, invoking rt_snprintf function with surplus parameter #3736
  • add a checking about size, equaling 0, in stm32_flash_erase function #3733
  • bsp: ls2k: pwm driver #3735
  • [Sensor] Add AMS sensor vendor info #3738
  • support Nuvoton M480 Platform #3697
  • fix gic ack irq problem #3730
  • add CAN configurature and CubeMx generate mode of Mspinit code
  • fix no compile .s source file under linux

2. The Software Packages Updating (RT-Thread has a total of 239 packages now)

  • qled released v1.00
  • update ft5426 driver
  • add a quick bootloader component
  • add crc library
  • add sensor mlx90632
  • add send and recv buffer parameters
  • add ws2812b software package
  • add gps_rmc software package
  • add Lorawan driver
  • add minIni and modify syntax error
  • NNoM updates the new version
  • add index information for RT3020 package
  • add gesture detection module PAJ7620
  • support for the PMS particulate concentration sensors
  • add gas sensor package ccs811

Thanks to qiyongzhong0、 liuduanfei、xupenghu、LXGMAX、 maplerian、zyk6271、XiaojieFan、majianjia、luhuadong、orange2348 for contributing the software packages.

3. Development tools:

RT-Thread Studio IDE V1.1.3 is released that supports:

  • QEMU Simulator

Refer to Here for more info.

Free Download RT-Thread Studio.

Watch RT-Thread Studio Tutorial Videos.

RT-Thread Contact Info:

Website | Github | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube




An Open-Source Community-Powered Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) Project! We develop, we DIY, we create, we share, we explore this new IoT World together!

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RT-Thread IoT OS

RT-Thread IoT OS

An Open-Source Community-Powered Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) Project! We develop, we DIY, we create, we share, we explore this new IoT World together!

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