RT-Thread Partnered with WCH Mircoelectronics, to Promote More Applications for RISC-V Ecosystem!

RT-Thread has entered into a partnership with WCH Microelectronics to promote more applications in the RISC-V ecosystem. WCH is known in the chip industry for providing powerful chips that focused on connectivity and control. This cooperation will bring both projects into a position to create a RISC-V development application ecosystem, based on the WCH RISC-V MCU and running the open-source RT-Thread IoT operating system. The two sides shared the same goal of making RISC-V MCU application development easy and efficient.

WCH Microelectronics RISC-V MCU will be natively equipped with RT-Thread IoT OS and onboard RT-Thread Studio IDE and WCH Mounriver Studio IDE to provide developers with a complete development ecosystem and engage a more user-friendly development experience. Meanwhile, the two sides will carry out all-round cooperation in the developer community construction and university programs, etc., and actively promote the development of the RISC-V application ecosystem.

Luckily, we’ll have Yang Yong CTO of WCH Mircoelectronics gives a presentation at the RT-Thread IoT OS Global Tech Conference on Sep 16–17 to share his vision on RISC-V for Embedded MCUs! Join us to learn more: https://forms.gle/8W1j2ZhCSLKFfyFQ8

Can’t wait to tell, WCH Mircoelectronics will giveaway their RISCV-based dev boards for participants at RT-Thread IoT OS Global Tech Conference! Don’t miss out on the chance to get one!

Free register to RT-Thread IoT OS Global Tech Conference: https://forms.gle/8W1j2ZhCSLKFfyFQ8

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