RT-Thread Studio V2.1.1

1. New Source Packages Available!

  • RT-Thread Nano-3.1.5 source package is supported, so developers can create the project in Nano v3.1.5.
  • pyocd-0.1.2 debug package is supported.
  • jlink-6.8d2 debug package is supported.
  • 7 STM32 new boards resource packs are supported.

2. Support Intelligent Analysis and Prompts for Exception Logs

In the process of using RT-Thread Studio, some exception log output information is too connected with the technical words and expressions used in a particular subject, causing difficulty in understanding, developers may not be able to figure out the problem. To solve this issue, RT-Thread Studio added an exception log intelligent analysis function, can identify most of the exception issues, and on the basis of the original exception log output, send prompt information that has been intelligent analyzed and highlights in red, guide developers to identify and solve the corresponding problems.

3. Tip of the Day Function

We launched the Tip of the Day section, sharing some of the tips you may not know, as well as some solutions for specific problems you may encounter, hope this new function gives you the energy to start the embedded development every day, for sure, if you have any questions while using RT-Thread Studio, feel free to ask the question on RT-Thread Club. We’re always there for you!

4. Function Optimization

We made optimization with about 10 functions, but in this article, we’re going to introduce some of it, the others you may explore and experience by yourself~

  • STM32CubeMX Co-Development

RT-Thread Studio v2.1.1 solved the issue of project information being modified after opening CubeMX Settings. Supporting other pages in RT-Thread Studio can open while CubeMX Settings is opening. The problem of not opening the correct chip model in a few cases is also perfectly resolved.

  • MDK Co-Development

Increase the speed of importing MDK projects to RT-Thread Studio and resolving debugging exception problems of using dap-link in MDK engineering.

  • QEMU Terminal Supports History Commands

Developers who love to use QEMU can switch history commands by pressing up and down keys just like in a normal terminal.

RT-Thread Studio has been working on getting close to the developer’s usage habits, it is a long way to proceed. Thank you all for supporting us RT-Thread Studio would not have been able to get this far without you all. We are very excited and pumped to share more news with you soon.

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If you already installed RT-Thread Studio, open it to update to v2.1.1. Any questions while using RT-Thread Studio, feel free to contact us.