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3 min readAug 30, 2022

Today, we’re introducing RT-Thread V4.1.1. This release adds support for some new performance and fixes some issues.

We want to acknowledge and thank the following community members for their contributions to RT-Thread, they are:

100ask-Alen, Aligagago, BreederBai, BruceOu, CaocoWang, Chester guo, Dengguiling, Fan Yang, Forest-Rain, FrankTan, Freey0, GPSBabel, GUI, HubretXie, Isaac Rose, Jamie, Jiang Runnan, Jianhui Zhao, JonasWen, Judd, Kevin Liu, Martin, Meng, Miaowulue, MysticBoy, NationsHuanghanbin, Not Black Magic, Stanley Lwin, Steven-LiuSF, SunJ, Ting Liu, Wayne Lin, Wu Han, Yang sheng, Yanlineng, Yunjie Gu, Zhang Jianfei, a1012112796, blta, breederbai, cha331, changzehai, charlown, chenbin, chinky, chunyexixiaoyu, cmbjxxiao, dongly, emuzit, gbcwbz, hipeanut, jianbojason, jiezhi320, levizhxl, lgnq, liyangyang, liuhy, luhuadong, qipingqiu, rewine, ririyeye, sheltonyu, shinu, shiwa, snikolaj, solar_li, supperthomas, tangzz98, tfx2001, thewon86, ueJone, wang0huan, wolfJane, woody, wudiyidashi, wugensheng, xfwangqiang, xiaoxiaolisunny, xinyigao, xjy198903, zhouji, zuozuojia, DaDunDeXiaoFangChe, Liang Sheng, Chen Yingchun and Meco. NXP Semiconductors、Renesas Electronics、WCH Electronics、Nuvoton Technology、Nations Technologies、HPMicro、Geehy Semiconductor、XIAOHUA Semiconductor、Qingdao Eastsoft, and Chinese Academy of Sciences PLCT Laboratory.

Thanks to all contributors and companies who share their time, energy, and talent to help RT-Thread. Thank you very much!


The kernel part adjusts the following settings according to the usage requirements:

  • Adjust the default stack size space for 64-bit CPUs
  • Tick clock adjustment, set the default Tick frequency to 1000Hz
  • Add secure STDLIB functions and replace the implementation of STDLIB in the C library by default
  • Optimize for scheduling scenarios for multiple threads according to priority and time slice


The component section continues to be optimized according to the existing main line, including:

  • SFUD updates to accommodate more FLASH
  • Continuous updates to the POSIX interface
  • Device driver content updates, updates related to serialundefined sdioundefined wlan, and so on
  • The AT command is supported as the SERVER side of the network and has been sampled using the ESP8266 module
  • Testcase adds C++, a test case for a commonly used interface for POSIX


Support for BSP:

  • Add support for an Infineon development board, the cypress board CY8CKIT-062S2–43012
  • Improve qemu emulator and simulator emulator, simulator emulator has been added and adapted to sal functions on Windows and can be used for network programming work
  • Maintenance and upgrade of existing BSPs, including ST, WCH, Nuvoton, Nations Technologies, Geehy Semiconductor, ChipOn, and many other development boards
  • Compared to the RT-Thread V4.1.0, this version has more support for the Arduino software compatibility layer, several development boards are now supporting the Arduino software

New Added BSP:

  • at32f413, at32f415-start, at32f435-start, at32f437-start
  • cypress-psoc6-cy8cproto-4343w
  • ESP32_C3
  • gd32vf103r-start, gd32vf103v-eval
  • hc32f4a0
  • imxrt1021-nxp-evk, imxrt1170-nxp-evk
  • rockchip-rk3568
  • microchip, samc21, same54, same70, saml10
  • n32g45xvl-stb
  • ch32v103r-evt, ch569w-evt, ch32f103c8, ch32f203r-evt
  • stm32f103–100ask-mini, stm32f103–100ask-pro, stm32wle5-yizhilian-lm402


  • Take PLATFORM to replace CROSS_TOOL to differentiate between different compilation platforms
  • Add support for the xmake toolchain, to compile projects using the xmake tool

For more details please check out the Release Log

Download V4.1.1: https://github.com/RT-Thread/rt-thread/releases/tag/v4.1.1

Visit our main repository and give it a star⭐ if you haven’t already: https://github.com/RT-Thread/rt-thread



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